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Mary Kay Hemenway Recipient of 2009 AAS Education Prize

January 2009 – The Secretary of the ASP’s Board of Directors, Mary Kay Hemenway of the University of Texas, has been announced as the winner of the 2009 Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society, given for “outstanding contributions to the education of the public, students and/or the next generation of professional astronomers.”


Prospecting for Water on the Moon: The Upcoming LCROSS Mission

Dr. Anthony ColapreteJanuary 21, 2009

Dr. Anthony Colaprete (NASA Ames Research Center)

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In 2009, NASA will purposely crash two spacecraft into one of the Moon’s polar regions. The impacts should raise huge plumes of material, visible even to smaller telescopes on Earth. Dr. Colaprete, the Principal Investigator for this intriguing mission, fills us in on why scientists believe there is water in deep craters at the Moon’s poles and how the LCROSS mission plans to look for it in the plumes.