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Growing Your Astronomy Club
Part 3: Cultivating Volunteers

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4. Give volunteers public recognition for their service to the club

People want to be appreciated for what they do. Public recognition for service to the club (such as managing the website or securing meeting speakers) is as important as recognition for public outreach.

puzzleThe BIG SECRET about public recognition of volunteers:  It’s not just for the volunteers. It’s also a way for your club to:

Top motivations for people to volunteer:

Recognition does not need to involve gifts or cash rewards. Very few people are motivated to volunteer for the primary purpose of getting some monetary reward or gift (e.g. reduced dues, a special mug). Feel free, however, to offer gifts or perks in appreciation for service. 

greeter“There are no trophies, no money -- what’s important is the thank-you. If someone recognizes what you do, that’s enough because we’re all volunteers -- we do it because we want to, not because we have to.”

Ideas for Giving Public Recognition

The Volunteer Coordinator can be responsible for thanking volunteers publicly:

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