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BinocularsConnecting with Kids:
More to Explore

More about Connecting with Kids

4-H Youth Development

Ages and Stages of Youth Development

This document, provided by the 4-H Club at the University of Missouri, gives information about the emotional and developmental states of children at different ages. It also provides suggestions for the types of activities volunteers can use with each age group.

CAP Journal

Ten Tips for Communicating Astronomy with Kids

The document, part of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public (CAP) journal, provides simple tips to working with children.

Project 2061 AAAS

K-12 Physical Science Benchmarks

This website part of the AAAS, provides recommended physical science benchmarks by age group.

How People Learn book cover

How People Learn

A book presenting research on how infants learn, the difference in learning between experts and non-experts, and how to create curricula and teaching methods to help children learn most effectively.

Personal Interpretation book cover

Personal Interpretation Connecting Your Audience to Heritage Resources

This book provides a clear and precise way to connect with your audience.

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