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big dipperHow to Say "I Don't Know":
Featured Astronomy Activities

More about How to Say "I Don't Know"

These are some extra Night Sky Network models to help you and your visitors put distances in perspective.

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Size of the Solar System Compared to our Galaxy

Mentally construct a model of our place in the Milky Way Galaxy and the distribution of stars using your hand and some birdseed.

Our Galaxy Our Universe

A Universe of Galaxies

Use this model of the Milky Way and other galaxies to indicate relative distances to other galaxies.

Telescopes as Time Machines Passport

Telescopes as Time Machines

The light from planets, stars, and galaxies has been traveling for minutes to millions of years to reach your eye. Use this simple guide to look back in time.

Pocket Solar System

The Pocket Solar System

Using a strip of paper, construct a quick scale model of the distances between the orbits of the planets, the Asteroid Belt, and Pluto as part of the Kuiper Belt.

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