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big dipperHow to get "WOW!":
Featured Astronomy Activities

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star maps

Themed Star Maps

A variety of star maps with different themes: Where in the night sky are the stars will go supernova, the location of black holes, or stars that have orbiting planets?



Find fantastic models and props to use right at your telescope.



Find various handouts to hand to guests to your visitors.

planetary postcards

Planetary Postcards

These colorful Post Cards are used to illustrate what is known about planets orbiting other stars. Beautiful illustrations by artist Lynette Cook.


Ready to Observe

Help the visitor at the scope understand why they see what they see. Learn about how the eye works, how to use the most powerful part of the eye to see more detail, and what to expect out of an experience observing through a telescope.


A Universe Without Supernovae

Visitors discover that almost all elements that make up the Earth and all its living things were made inside stars that go supernova. Without supernovae to disperse these elements, the universe as we know it couldn't exist.

orbits and gravity

Exploring Orbits and Gravity

Using a bucket with stretchy fabric stretched over it, allow visitors to experiment with marbles and weights to discover some basics about gravity and orbits.

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