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Robert J. Trumpler Award for an Outstanding PhD Thesis

Past Robert J. Trumpler Award recipients

Nomination Guidelines


The Robert J. Trumpler Award of the ASP is given each year to a recent recipient of the PhD degree in North America whose research is considered unusually important to astronomy.


To be considered for the Trumpler Award, a nominee’s Ph.D. must have been awarded within two years of the time of the nomination and most or all of the thesis must have been published in a recognized journal with an issue date prior to 15 February 2016. The nominee remains eligible for two awards cycles — the cycle for which the nomination was initially submitted and for the cycle following.


Nominations are solicited from chairpersons of astronomy and physics departments in North America. The department chairman should submit a letter of nomination (no more than two pages), supporting the selection and discussing the extent of independence exhibited by the nominee in the choice and execution of the thesis research. In addition, we request that two independent letters of support be submitted for each nomination.

Only one nomination will be accepted from each institution per year, but under exceptional conditions two may be submitted (please call the ASP to discuss).

Nominations received for the current year’s competition remain under consideration for the year following.

Due Date

Letters of nomination and the required reprints must be received in the offices of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific on or before 15 February 2016.


The Award recipient will be selected by the Awards Committee appointed by the Board of Directors. If, in the opinion of the Committee, none of the nominees is sufficiently outstanding, the Award will not be given for the year in question. In April, the Secretary of ASP will communicate with the nominee and, if the Award is accepted, it will be announced in the summer of award year.

The Award

The Award consists of a plaque and a check for $500 to be presented at the Annual Meeting Awards Banquet.

Submitting Nominations

Use the nominations form to provide all necessary information and submit it by 15 February 2016.

Alternately, submit your nomination letter and any other material by 15 February 2016 to:

Trumpler Award Nominations
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Contact awards {at} if you have questions or need more information.