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ASP News

Mary Kay Hemenway Recipient of 2009 AAS Education Prize

January 2009 – The Secretary of the ASP’s Board of Directors, Mary Kay Hemenway of the University of Texas, has been announced as the winner of the 2009 Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society, given for “outstanding contributions to the education of the public, students and/or the next generation of professional astronomers.”


ASP Appoints New Board Members

December 2008 – The ASP Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Board members: Cathy Langridge, Director of Retail Finance at Levi Strass & Co. in San Francisco, and Michael Gibbs, Vice President for Advancement and Assistant Professor at Capital College in Laurel, Maryland, and former Chief Advancement Officer for the ASP. Langridge and Gibbs will fill the two Board-appointed seats.


ASP Announces New Board Members

September 2008 – The ASP is pleased to announce its newest members to the ASP Board of Directors: Dr. David C. Black, President Emeritus of Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and Visiting Scientist at USRA’s Lunar and Planetary Institute; Dr. William A. Gutsch, Jr., former Chairman of the American-Hayden Planetarium in New York and former President & CEO of the Challenger Center for Space Science; and Judy Kass, the former Senior Project Director for the AAAS’s Public Understanding of Science and Technology Programs.


Suzanne Gurton Receives AANC Professional Award

August 2008 – Suzanne Gurton, the Education Manager at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), has received the 2008 Professional Award, given each year by the Astronomical Association of Northern California to an astronomer who has done outstanding work in distinguishing and fostering amateur astronomy.  More »


Scott Roberts Featured in Sky & Telescope Article

March 2008 – The newest member of the ASP Board of Directors, Scott Roberts, is featured in the April, 2008 Sky & Telescope magazine in an article titled, “A Friend Indeed” written by former ASP Board member David Levy. The article highlights Roberts’ passion for brining astronomy to the public.


Jim Kaler Awarded 2008 AAS Education Prize

February 2008 – James B. Kaler, a professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Illinois, has been awarded the American Astronomical Society 2008 Education Prize. The prize recognizes Kaler for his outstanding contributions to the education of the public, students and the next generation of professional astronomers. More »


Andrew Fraknoi Receives American Institute of Physics Award

January 2008 – Andrew Fraknoi, astronomy and physics instructor at Foothill College, received the prestigious American Institute of Physics Andrew Gemant Award during the American Astronomical Society meeting held in Austin, Texas.  More »


Scott Roberts Appointed to ASP Board

December, 2007 – The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott W. Roberts to a vacant position on the Board of Directors. The ASP, established in 1889, is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of astronomy through scientists, educators, enthusiasts and the public as a vehicle for advancing science literacy and exchange. More »


Andrew Fraknoi Receives 2007 Professor of the Year Award

November, 2007 – Foothill College Astronomy Instructor Andrew Fraknoi, M.A., has been named the 2007 California Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement & Support of Education (CASE). Fraknoi was selected from more than 300 top professors in the United States. The 40 national and state winners of the U.S. Professors of the Year Award will be honored at a luncheon and evening reception in Washington, D.C. Nov. 15. More »


ASP Announces New Board Members

August, 2007 – ASP is pleased to announce its newest members to the ASP Board of Directors; Edna DeVore, Deputy CEO and the Director of Education and Public Outreach (EPO) at the SETI Institute, Phil Sakimoto an astrophysicist; education, outreach, and diversity specialist; and planetarian with the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Physics and joining them is re-elected board member, Lynne Hillenbrand, an associate professor of astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.