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The Universe At Your Fingertips Activity: Activities With Astrology

Activity Description
Goals and Tips
Astrology Defense Kit




These three activities are designed to

1. Help students think critically about the pseudoscience of astrology.

2. Become familiar with the kind of statistical testing that scientists do to evaluate hypotheses.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Chart Sun sign horoscopes for other famous people like U.S. senators, world leaders, or actors, who might be expected to have common personality characteristics.

  • The final activity, where students try to identify their own horoscope from an unidentified group of horoscopes, works best with larger groups of students.

  • If you plan to do this activity with a class, get the school library to order the books suggested in advance. (Most school libraries will not have these.)


Activity 1

Activity 2

  • Several different newspapers with horoscopes for the same day (presumably issued by different astrologers)

Activity 3

  • A recent newspaper (today, yesterday, or last weekend and preferably from out-of-town so students have not seen it) with horoscope.

    • Photocopy the full horoscope column before class and put it aside. This is your "master copy."

    • Cut out each horoscope from the newspaper in full view of the class, removing dates and all references to the astrological sign.

    • Assign each horoscope a random number from 1 to 12. Transfer that number to the corresponding horoscope on your "master copy."

  • Paper and pencils

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