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The Universe At Your Fingertips Table of Contents


The Universe At Your Fingertips INTRODUCTION - SECTION 1
Introduction to the Notebook
How to Use The Universe at Your Fingertips

Planets, Stars and Galaxies: A Grand Tour of the Universe
How Fast Are You Moving When You Are Sitting Still?
What Astronomers Do
Getting Started in Astronomy
A Brief Glossary of Commonly Used Astronomical Terms

Teaching Astronomy and Science Education Reform
Learning Astronomy: Insights from Research and Practice

Astronomy Activities Introduction
Glossary of Science Objectives
Sample Sequences of Activities
Table of Contents for the Activity Section

A. Our Moons Phases and Eclipses
About the Activities
Background: Our Moons Phases and Eclipses
Moon Activities
Resources for Exploring the Moon
Resources for Exploring Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

B. Sun and Seasons
About the Activities
Background: Sun and Seasons
Sun Activities
Resources for Exploring the Sun

C. The Planets
About the Activities
Background: The Planets
Planet Activities
Resources for Exploring the Planets

D. Scale of the Solar System
About the Activities
Background: Scale of the Solar System
Solar System Scale Activities
Resources for Exploring Our Solar System in General

E. Comets and Meteors
About the Activities
Background: Comets and Meteors
Comets and Meteors Activities
Resources for Exploring Comets, Meteors, and Meteorites
Resources for Exploring Cosmic Impacts

F. Star-Finding and Constellations
About the Activities
Background: Star-Finding and Constellations
Constellation Activities
Resources for Exploring Constellations and Night Sky Observing

G. Stars
About the Activities
Background: Stars
Star Activities
Resources for Exploring the Life Story of the Stars

H. Galaxies and the Universe
About the Activities
Background: Galaxies and the Universe
Galaxy Activities
Resources for Exploring Galaxies
Resources for Exploring the Big Bang and the Expansion of the Universe

I. Space Exploration and SETI
About the Activities
Background: Space Exploration
Background: the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Space Exploration Activities
Resources for Exploring Space Exploration
Resources for Exploring the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

J. Tools of the Astronomer
About the Activities
Background: Tools of the Astronomer
Astronomy Tools Activities
Resources for Exploring: Telescopes Astronomers Use.
Resources for Exploring: Telescopes and Binoculars for Beginners

K. Debunking Pseudoscience
About the Activities
Background: Astronomical Pseudoscience
Your Astrology Defense Kit
Face on Mars
Pseudoscience Activities
Resources for Exploring Astrology and Other Astronomical Pseudoscience

L. Astronomy in Different Cultures
About the Activities
Across Cultures Activities
Resources for Exploring Skylore (the Astronomical Mythology of Many Cultures)
Resources for Exploring the Naming of Astronomical Objects

M. Across the Curriculum:
Interdisciplinary Teaching Ideas About the Activities
Across the Curriculum Activities
Resources for Exploring Interdisciplinary Approaches to Astronomy

The Universe on a Bookshelf: A Basic Astronomical Library
National Astronomy Education Projects: A Catalog
Selected Resources for Teaching Astronomy
Women in Astronomy: An Introductory Bibliography
Urania's Heritage: A Historical Introduction to Women in Astronomy
Resources for Exploring the Work and Lives of Astronomers
Computers and Astronomy
A Galaxy of Astronomy and Space Software
Astronomy Organizations and Suppliers of Audiovisual and Other Teaching Materials
Order Forms for Astronomy Educational Materials
The Universe at Your Fingertips Feedback Form


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