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Project ASTRO™ Activity and Planning Log

Each time a Project ASTRO visit occurs, each partnership needs to complete an Activity Log. This helps us accurately report to our funders. Please note: the log should take you only about 2-3 minutes to complete. It is very easy!!!

Complete the form online. No need to email, fax, or mail them!

The Activity Log is also available in PDF or a Word format for you to download. Feel free to email (bayareaastro {at} astrosociety.org), fax (415-337-5205), or mail the forms back to the ASP at Bay Area Project ASTRO, 390 Ashton Ave., San Francisco CA 94112.

Date of Event:

Astronomer's Name:

Teacher's Name:

Submitted by:

Email address:

Phone number(s):

Type of Event:

Observational visit
Classroom/After School Program visit
Star Party
Astronomy Club
Science Night/Fair

Hours at Event (please round to the nearest quarter hour):

Planning time spent:

Type of planning required:

Activity (activities) facilitated:
(If possible, please include the activity name and number.)

Activity Modification (if any):