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Family ASTRO: Night Sky Adventure

The Night Sky Adventure Leader Kit is the first release in our series of family events and activities on topics in astronomy for Family ASTRO Event Leaders. It's a step-by-step introduction to the bright stars and constellations of each season. The Night Sky Adventure family kit (the corresponding Take-Home Activity) consists of four separate activities that help families, friends, and everyone else explore and learn their way around the night sky.

Follow one or more of the links below for more information on the type of nighttime "adventure" you're looking for (note that Frequently Asked Questions about Night Sky Adventure can also be found by clicking on these links):

All Family ASTRO materials can be ordered online through the ASP's AstroShop. Click here to be taken directly to the AstroShop's Family ASTRO page.

If you have questions about the Family ASTRO program in general, see our Frequently Asked Questions for Educators and Astronomers page, or our Frequently Asked Questions for Families and Friends page. You can also email us at: astro {at} astrosociety.org