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Family ASTRO Presents:


Family ASTRO logoThe Moon: A Resource Guide

by Andrew Fraknoi
(Foothill College & Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Version 4.0; August 2009
© Copyright 2009 by Andrew Fraknoi. All rights reserved.

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This guide -- for educators, amateur astronomers, and everyone who would like to know more about the Earth's only natural satellite -- covers our scientific understanding of the Moon as a world, the appearance of the Moon in our skies, and tips for observing the Moon through binoculars or small telescopes. We also cover the Moon in popular culture and historical events, but only briefly. The listings are by no means complete, but suggest some of the more useful resources that may be useful for beginners.

Table of Contents:

A. Selected Web Sites

1. The Science of the Moon
2. Missions to the Moon
3. Observing the Moon with Binoculars and Telescopes
4. Finding the Phase of the Moon (and More)
5. Some Educational Activities for Learning about the Moon
6. Webcasts about the Moon
7. The Moon in Popular Culture

B. Books

1. Books about Our Scientific Understanding of the Moon
2. Books about Observing the Moon
3. Books about the Moon and Popular Culture (including Mythology)
4. Miscellaneous Books about the Moon
5. Children's Books about the Moon

C. Articles

1. Lunar Science
2. Lunar Exploration
3. Observing the Moon for Yourself
4. Articles about the Future Exploration of the Moon
5. Articles about the Moon and Historical Events


1. The Science of the Moon

Encyclopedia Entry on Moon by Paul Spudis at NASA (nice background summary)

Nine Planets Site Introduction

Views of the Solar System Site Introduction

Discussion of Ice on the Moon (before the LCROSS Mission plans)

The Origin of the Moon (by William Hartmann, who, with a colleague, first suggested the giant impact hypothesis for how the Moon formed, in 1975)

The Lunar Science Institute (NASA's new organization to encourage scientific study of the Moon; their web site has a place where public questions are answered)

2. Missions to the Moon

List of Moon Missions (NASA)

Annotated Missions List from the Moon Society

Mission Lists and Links from the Lunar and Planetary Institute

LCROSS Mission Site
See the special page for educational resources

Article on the mission from Popular Mechanics magazine

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Site

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (comprehensive site about the landings)

PBS To the Moon Site (on the Apollo landings)

We Choose the Moon Site (a recreation of the Apollo 11 mission)

Clementine Mission Site (first hints of ice on the Moon)

3. Observing the Moon with Binoculars and Telescopes

Sky & Telescope Magazine's Moon Observing Articles

Inconstant Moon (Kevin Clarke's rich site full of moon information, observing guides, an atlas, phase calendar, moon music, and much more)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon (Akanna Peck's site shows what's visible on the Moon and lets you search by feature names; for serious observers)

The Consolidated Atlas of Best Lunar Images (from the Lunar and Planetary Institute)

4. Finding the Phase of the Moon (and More)

Paul Carlisle's Moon Calendar (displays the phase of the Moon for any date from 3999BC to 3999 AD)

Akkana Peck's Moon Phase Applet

StarDate Online Moon Calendar

Moonrise and Moonset Calculator

table of contents

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