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The Moon: A Resource Guide



1. Lunar Science

Bakich, Michael "Asia's New Assault on the Moon" in Astronomy, Aug. 2009, p. 50. On the Japanese Selene and Chinese Chang'e-1 missions.

Comins, N. "What If: The Earth Without a Moon" in Astronomy, Feb. 1991, p. 49. Interesting scientific speculation of how the absence of the Moon would have affected the Earth.

Foing, Bernard "What Europe's Moon Mission Revealed" in Astronomy, Aug. 2009, p. 44. On the SMART-1 Mission 2003 - 2006.

Foust, J. "NASA's New Moon" in Sky & Telescope, Sep. 1998, p. 48. On results from the Lunar Prospector mission.

Jayawardhana, R. "Deconstructing the Moon" in Astronomy, Sep. 1998, p. 40. An update on the giant impact hypothesis for forming the Moon.

Oberg, James "The Biggest Hole in the Moon" in Astronomy, Nov. 2005, p. 50. About the Aitken Basin at the Moon's South Pole and what we can learn from it.

Redfern, Greg "Lunar Fireworks" in Sky & Telescope, June 2009, p. 20. A preview of the LRO and LCROSS missions.

Register, B. "The Fate of the Moon Rocks" in Astronomy, Dec. 1985, p. 15. What was done with the rocks the astronauts brought back from the Moon.

Spudis, P. "The Giant Holes of the Moon" in Astronomy, May 1996, p. 50. On the results of the Clementine mission.

Talcott, Richard "Earth's Troubled Adolescence" in Astronomy, May 2008, p. 32. The early history of our planet, including the giant impact that most likely formed the Moon.

Wood, Charles "The Moon's Far Side: Nearly a New World" in Sky & Telescope, Jan. 2007, p. 48. Compares what we know about the two sides and why they are different.

2. Lunar Exploration

Bell, Trudy "Warning Dust Ahead" in Astronomy, Mar. 2006, p. 46. How moondust affected the astronauts and how NASA is planning to deal with it in the future.

Hurt, H. "I'm at the Foot of the Ladder" in Astronomy, July 1989, p. 22. A review of the Apollo missions to the Moon.

Oberg, James "How We'll Return to the Moon" in Astronomy, Aug. 2009, p. 24. On what technology we need to return humans to the Moon.

Schmitt, H. "Exploring Taurus–Littrow: Apollo 17" in National Geographic, Sep. 1973. First-person account by the only scientist to walk on the Moon.

Villard, Ray "Taking Science Back to the Moon" in Sky & Telescope, Oct. 2007, p. 24. Discusses a 2006 workshop to imagine the kinds of observatories that could take advantage of being built on the Moon.

3. Observing the Moon for Yourself

Alves, Filipe "Capturing the Colors of the Moon" in Sky &Telescope, July 2005, p. 120. Using digital cameras and software like Photoshop to bring out colors in lunar photos.

Burnham, R. & Therin, G. "The Joys of Moongazing" in Astronomy, Mar. 1991, p. 84. Observing and photography with modest telescopes.

Burnham, R. & Therin, G. "The Joys of Moongazing" in Astronomy, Mar. 1991, p. 84. Observing and photography with modest telescopes.

Friedman, Alan "Good Moons from Bad Locations" in Sky & Telescope, Aug. 2007, p. 84. Hints for producing nice digital lunar images even from urban sites.

MacRobert, Alan & Sinnott, Roger "Young Moon Hunting" in Sky & Telescope, Feb. 2005, p. 75. Hints for finding the Moon as soon after its "new moon" phase as possible.

O'Meara, Stephen "The Moon Shows Her True Colors" in Astronomy, Sep. 2007, p. 18. A column which discusses, among other things, the kinds of shapes you can see in the Moon, including a woman doing her sewing.

Seronik, Gary "Glimpse the Moon's Far Side" in Sky & Telescope, May 2008, p. 66. Discusses the wobble of the Moon that shows us about 9% of the other side over time.

Wood, Charles "Introducing the Lunar 100" in Sky & Telescope, Apr. 2004, p. 113. A list of the top 100 features on the Moon for amateur telescope observers, with explanations and guides.

4. Articles about the Future Exploration of the Moon

Burns, J., et al. "Observatories on the Moon" in Scientific American, March 1990, p. 42.

Lowman, P. "Regards from the Moon" in Sky & Telescope, Sep. 1992, p. 259. Good article in the form of a letter from a base on the Moon.

Nichols, R. "From Footprints to Foothold" in Astronomy, July 1989, p. 48. On possible future missions.

Robertson, D "To Boldly Go" in Astronomy, Dec. 1994, p. 34. Speculations about future lunar rovers.

Washburn, M. "The Moon -- A Second Time Around" in Sky & Telescope, Mar. 1985, p. 209. Report on a conference on 21st century lunar bases.

5. Articles about the Moon and Historical Events

Cowen, R. "The Tides of War: D-Day's Lunar Connection" in Science News, June 4, 1994, vol. 145, p. 360.

Olson, D. "Columbus and An Eclipse of the Moon" in Sky & Telescope, Oct. 1992, p. 437.

Olson, D. "Pearl Harbor and the Waning Moon" in Sky & Telescope, Dec. 1991, p. 651.

Olson, D. & Doescher, R. "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride" in Sky & Telescope, Mar. 1990, p. 437.

Olson, D. & Doescher, R. "D-Day: June 6, 1944" in Sky & Telescope, June 1994, p. 84. On the tides at Omaha beach.

Olson, D., et al. "Ill Met by Moonlight: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis" in Sky & Telescope, July 2002, p. 30.

Olson, D., et al. "The Moon and the Marathon" in Sky & Telescope, Sep. 2004, p. 34. Using hints about the Moon to recalculate the date of the battle of Marathon.

Rubincam, D. & Rowlands, D. "The Night the Titanic Went Down" in Sky & Telescope, Oct. 1993, p. 79.

Schaefer, B. "Lunar Eclipses That Changed the World" in Sky & Telescope, Dec. 1992, p. 639.

Vialle, J. & Hoff, D. "The Astronomy of Paul Revere's Ride" in Astronomy, Apr. 1992, p. 13.

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