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Downloading Higher Education Resources

Thanks for your interest in accessing one of the higher education resources on the ASP website, and we hope you find it useful. The developers, funders, and stakeholders behind these resources would like to understand who is accessing and using these, and we’d like to continue to provide these and more in the future. So please help us by taking a minute to answer just a few questions below before downloading the resource. (You may skip to the resource by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Skip link.)

Please describe your primary role (select one):

4-year college instructor
2-year college instructor
High school science teacher
Informal educator (e.g. museum, planetarium)
NASA education/outreach/communications professional
NASA research scientist
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With what type of course or program do you expect to use this resource? (Check all that apply.)

College introductory astronomy course (aka Astro 101)
College course on a related subject. Please specify:
High school physics course
High school Earth science course
Professional development workshop for teachers
Science presentation to public audience
Other. Please specify:

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