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Night Sky Network

Night Sky Network Banner
Astronomy Activities and Resources

The Night Sky Network is a nationwide coalition of astronomy clubs bringing the science and inspiration of NASA's missions to the public.

This program, started in March 2004, provides outreach materials for amateur astronomy clubs and a forum for those involved in community outreach to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Video: Benefits to your astronomy club
Click image above to view.

The program was developed and is operated for NASA by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Initiated by JPL's PlanetQuest Public Engagement Program, the Night Sky Network sponsors include:

  • JPL's PlanetQuest public engagement program
  • The NASA Education Forum on the Structure and Evolution of the Universe (SEU)
  • The Origins Education Forum
  • NASA's Kepler Discovery Mission
  • NASA Education Forum on Solar System Exploration
  • NASA Education and Public Outreach at Sonoma State University: GLAST, Swift and XMM-Newton missions
  • Suzaku Mission E/PO Program

The first set of materials is called Planet Quest centering around the theme of discovering planets around other stars. Find out more about what's happening with the Night Sky Network.

Now accepting applications for Membership in the Night Sky Network

Amateur astronomy clubs dedicated to sharing astronomy with the public are invited to apply for membership in the NASA Night Sky Network (, a free program specifically designed for amateur astronomy clubs that puts great resources right into your hands.

"This has really filled a need for us. Really, really good way to revitalize our outreach activities. We’re very excited about it."
- Door Peninsula Astronomical Society

The Night Sky Network has a membership of over 200 astronomy clubs nationwide. Click here to see a map of all member clubs.

Clubs selected for membership will join this national coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing astronomy and the excitement of NASA missions to their communities. This is an opportunity for your club to:

  • Enhance the public outreach you already do

  • Encourage more of your members to participate in outreach

  • Earn national recognition for your outreach efforts

"Having the material created questions and discussions with our visitors. Kids picked up on the concepts quicker than the parents."
- Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society

Members of the Night Sky Network receive free Outreach ToolKits of materials to convey a variety of astronomy and space-related topics. The program is supported by NASA and administered by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP). The program includes:

  • Training in the use of Outreach ToolKit materials

  • Opportunities to talk to real NASA scientists and engineers about the latest research

  • Access to a dedicated website for communicating with other Night Sky Network members

The Outreach ToolKits, designed and tested by amateur astronomers, make it easy for any interested amateur, of any experience level, to enrich and expand their role in public star parties, club meeting presentations, school visits, and youth or community group events.

Click here to see how many astronomy events these clubs have logged using the free resources they received.

"One does not need to be an educator or have extensive knowledge of astronomy to present the activities in the kit. I enjoyed taking the materials supplied in the kit and expanding or enhancing some of the concepts with my own personal experiences."
- River Bend Astronomy Club

Go to to get more information and to find out how to apply. Membership is limited.




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