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What Have We Learned About Halley's Comet?

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by Dennis Schatz, Pacific Science Center

In the set of letters below (which you may wish to copy onto a separate sheet far distribution to the class) are hidden a significant number of astronomy related words. A word can be made by starting with any letter anywhere in the puzzle and then moving to adjacent letters. You can move up, down, left, right, ar diagonally and you may change your direction of motion as many times as you wish while you are forming a word.

Example: Start with the M in the middle of the 5th line; go up and diagonally to the A, down to the R and right to the S — you have MARS.

O  P  L  S  C  M  T  M          Suggested Scoring:
                              25 words = Observatory
S  M  A  U  R  E  V  I                   Director
                              21 words = Astrophysics
T  I  B  T  N  Y  T  Q                   Professor
                              15 words = Assistant
D  E  P  E  O  A  U  P                   Professor
                              11 words = Graduate
I  P  R  O  M  R  S  L                   Student
                               9 words = Night
J  U  N  I  D  A  T  A                   Assistant

Puzzle (c) 1980 Dennis Schatz

Editor's Note: The record for the number of words found in the puzzle by an individual is 64. Of course, the number of acceptable words depends on how liberally you interpret "astronomical term.'' Some classes have used the puzzle as a challenging library assignment.

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