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The Universe in the Classroom  

What's New

08/08/07 - The Summer 2007 issue is now available. The main article, written by physics professor Matthew Craig and recent astrophysics graduate Sara Schultz, explores the mysteries of dark matter. As always, you'll also find related classroom activities and a list of additional resources.

06/01/07 - The Winter and Spring 2007 issues are available. The main article in the winter issue, written by Hubble instrument specialist Max Mutchler, highlights recent Hubble observations to explain the "demotion" of Pluto to dwarf planet. In the spring issue, noted astronomy educator Andrew Fraknoi takes a look at just how fast we are moving when we are sitting still.

10/11/06 - The Spanish language version of the Universe in the Classroom #069 is now available: Mercurio ¡Ha Llegado Su Turno!

7/20/06 – The Fall 2006 issue, "Mercury – its time has come" by Suzanne Gurton, education manager of the ASP, is now available. Looking toward the Mercury transit on November 8, this issue explores the tiny planet closest to the Sun and includes two classroom activities that will get your students up and moving while learning about the meaning of the transit, as well as tips for observing the transit from your school.

6/21/06 – The Universe in the Classroom is back! Thanks to a generous gift from well-known astronomy educator Dr. Donat Wentzel, the ASP is revitalizing its teachers newsletter and plans to distribute it all over the world. Check back often to see the improvements, or sign up to receive regular quarterly updates.



















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