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Astronomy Education: A Selective Bibliography


4. Graduate-level Astronomy Education

Cardelli, J. "Soft Money, Hard Times" in Mercury, Jan/Feb. 1996, p. 30.
On a survey showing employment prospects & attitudes.

Chamberlain, J. "Proceedings of the First U.S. Conference on Graduate Education in Astronomy" in Astronomical Journal, vol. 68, p. 215 (April 1963).
Interesting to compare to the concern of today.

Diamond, Robert, and Adam, Bronwyn. Recognizing Faculty Work: Reward Systems for the Year 2000. 1993, Jossey-Bass.
Argues for a broader definition of what constitutes scholarship.

Franz, J., ed. Physics Graduate Education for Diverse Career Options. 1995, American Association of Physics Teachers, 1 Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740.
Proceedings of a very useful conference of physics department chairs, with immediate application to astronomy.

Mulvey, P. & Nicholson, S. "Roster of Astronomy Departments with Enrollments and Degree Data, 1995" in AIP Report, No. R-395.2, Sept. 1996. (AIP Statistics Division, 1 Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740)

Osterbrock, D. "Graduate Astronomy Education in the Early Days of Lick Observatory" in Mercury, Nov/Dec. 1980, p. 151.
Contrasts a century ago to today.

Pound, M. "Advice Concerning the Overproduction of Astronomy PhD's" in AAS Newsletter, Oct. 1996, p. 2.

Strom, S., et al. "The AAS Examination of Graduate Education in Astronomy" in Bulletin of the AAS, vol. 29, no. 5 (1997).
Report of AAS Education Policy Board on workshops, discussions, and recommenda-tions about reforming graduate education.Available on the web at:

Webster, Z. "Reforming Graduate Education" in Mercury, Sep/Oct. 1997, p. 19.
Excellent summary of statistics and issues, with web sites to check. (Other articles in the issue focus on job hunting for recent graduates.)

table of contents

5. Teaching Astronomy for College Non-science Majors

Arons, A. A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching. 1990, John Wiley.
A master physics teacher discusses a variety of techniques and approaches.

Bykerk-Kauffman, A. "Using Cooperative Learning in College Geology Classes" in Journal of Geological Education, vol. 43, p. 308 (1995).
Lessons from our sister discipline.

Caton, D. "A Blindman's Buff Through Astronomy" in Mercury, Nov/Dec. 1996, p. 29.
Teaching a non-linear intro astronomy course based on breaking news developments.

Connoly, L. "Walking on Water" in Mercury, Sep/Oct. 1996, p. 6.
A brief report on the first meeting for and about teaching astronomy in community and small colleges.

Deming, G., et al. Cooperative Learning Activities for Introductory Astronomy for Non-science Majors. 1997, Univ. of Maryland Astronomy Dept.
A very useful handbook for those who want to get out of lecture mode in introductory classes. (Contact Grace Deming for more information on this self-published manual.)

English, T. "Writing to Learn and Journal Applications in the Introductory Astronomy Course" in Language & Learning Across the Disciplines, vol. 2, no. 2, p. 18 (Sep. 1997)

Hoff, D. "The Participatory Lecture" in Journal of College Science Teaching, Mar. 1980, p. 217.
On ways to facilitate small group activities within a large astronomy lecture.

McKeachie, W. J. Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, Theory for College and University Teachers, 9th ed. 1994, D. C. Heath.

McNeal, A. & D'Avanzo, C., eds. Student Active Science: Models of Innovation in College Science Teaching. 1997, Saunders Coll. Publ.
Proceedings of a conference, mostly about biology teaching, but with techniques that can be adapted to any science.

Safko, J. "Structure for a Large Enrollment, Self-Paced, Mastery Oriented Astronomy Course" in American Journal of Physics, vol. 44, p. 658 (1976).

Schatz, D. & Lawson, A. "Effective Astronomy Teaching: Intellectual Development and Its Implications" in Mercury, Jul/Aug. 1976, p. 6.
Seminal article on research into student reasoning and what it says to the astronomy instructor.

Seeds, M. "Teaching the Real Message of Astronomy" in Mercury, Sep/Oct. 1996, p. 21.
Thoughts about concept-based, rather than fact-based teaching.

Statler, T. "Throw the Book at Them" in Mercury, Sep/Oct. 1997, p. 16.
Thought-provoking critique of current astronomy textbook practices, with comments from many perspectives.

Tobias, S. Revitalizing Undergraduate Science: Why Some Things Work and Most Don't. 1992, Research Corporation, Tucson, AZ.

Tucker, G. "Astronomy Education in the Two-Year Colleges" in Percy, J., ed. Astronomy Education: Current Developments, Future Coordination. 1996, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 89.

Watkins, S., ed. Critical Issues in Two-Year College Physics and Astronomy -- 1990 and Beyond. 1991, American Association of Physics Teachers, 1 Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740.
Proceedings of a conference of 120 faculty and experts.

Zeilik, M. "Should Introductory Astronomy be a Comfort Course" in Mercury, Sep/Oct. 1996, p. 25.
A brief essay on the problems with traditional survey courses.

Zeilik, M., et al. "Conceptual Astronomy: A Novel Model" in American Journal of Physics, vol. 65, p. 987 (1997).

table of contents

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