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2017 Solar Eclipse Resources


Activities and Resources

Eclipse Resource Guide
A comprehensive guide to exploring eclipses in general and the August 21, 2017 Total Eclipse through books, websites, and articles.

Night Sky Network Eclipse 2017 Resources
FAQs, activities, and other eclipse-related resources, including an editable postcard to distribute in your community.

Solar Eclipse Product
Shop the ASP’s AstroShop for the Sunspotter, the popular Yardstick Eclipse Activity, and more. Your purchases support the ASP’s education and outreach programs. ASP Members save 10%.

Big Kid Science Eclipse Page
Videos from author Jeffrey Bennett to help you enjoy and understand the eclipse.

Crescent Windmills_Zucker

ASP and NSTA Eclipse Articles

Mercury Magazine
Enjoy complimentary access to over 15 articles on Solar Eclipses from Mercury, our membership-only magazine.

Complimentary access to articles from our Membership-only bi-monthly columns.

The Universe in the Classroom
Getting Ready for the All American Eclipse! An NGSS Storyline Approach to Classroom Instruction by Brian Kruse

NSTA Science Scope, Science & Children, and The Science Teacher
(Free PDF files to download and share)



Help Create the Eclipse Megamovie!
In partnership with Google, UC Berkeley and seven other organizations, the ASP is helping to create the Eclipse Megamovie 2017! The ASP is recruiting and training skilled photographers so if you wish to participate, SIGN IN to apply!

ASP 128th Annual Conference
Discover the outcomes from the 2016 conference: Engage Every Child in the 2017 Solar Eclipse: Working Together with Diverse and Underserved Communities Across America.

Join us at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

The ASP will be at Maker Faire May 19-21 in San Mateo, CA for the first time! Come see us demonstrate how to safely view the upcoming solar eclipse with a Sunspotter, safe solar glasses, and a homemade sun funnel! Tickets and more information.