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Astronomy Resource Guides

Gather some great background reading from these annotated astronomical bibliographies.

Astronomical Pseudo-Science: A Skeptic’s Bibliography

Black Holes: An Introductory Resource List

Cosmology Resource Guide for Astro 101 Instructors

Dark Night Skies: Dealing with Light Pollution (pdf)

Eclipse Resource GuideNEW

Exoplanets Resource Guide for Astro 101 Instructors

Galileo: The Man and His Science

Multicultural Astronomy Resource Guide

Science Fiction with Good Astronomy & Physics: A Topical Index - UPDATED

SETI Messages Bibilography

The Moon: A Resource Guide

Women in Astronomy: An Introductory Bibliography

Astro 101 Slide Sets

This series of slide sets is meant to bring recent NASA discoveries to the college-level non-major introductory astronomy classroom. The Astro 101 slide sets compile short, topical presentations on new developments from NASA SMD Astrophysics missions relevant to Astronomy 101 topics.

Astro 101 Slide Sets Instructor’s Guide
“Debris Belts Around Vega” powerpoint slideset
“Black Holes in M83″ powerpoint slideset