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Astronomy Travel

The ASP is pleased to partner with MWT Associates in their unique astronomy-focused tours and expeditions — a travel experience enriched by the expertise and knowledge of a distinguished lecture team. Please review their upcoming trips below, and follow this link for more details and booking information.

As a corporate partner, MWT Associates makes a profound investment in education via ASP programs and services. We are very grateful to them, and encourage you to support all of ASP’s corporate partners. When you do, you join in our mission to foster science literacy through astronomy for tomorrow’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) leaders.

2016 Destinations

Arizona & New Mexico Skies Tour
Sept 27 – Oct 05, 2016

Kitt Peak, Lowell Observatory, VLA, UofA SkyCenter including Mirror Labs and more….
with guest lecturer Randy Attwood – Executive Director, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Stargaze the South Pacific with Dennis Mammana
November 26-December 9, 2016

Join MWT President Melita Thorpe on a stargazing cruise to the South Pacific. Noted astronomer and sky photographer, Dennis Mammana, will guide you through the night sky as you cruise from San Diego to Papeete with stops in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia and Society Islands. Walk in the footsteps of legendaries like Herman Melville, Paul Gauguin and Captain Cook. Bali Hai is calling you.

2017 Destinations

Magallanes Patagonia
Chile & Argentina Annular Eclipse
Feb 22 – Mar 04, 2017

Marvel at the majestic fjords, monumental peaks of Torres del Paine, and the ancient glaciers of Southern Patagonia. Visit Chile and Argentina to discover the South American beauty and cultural diversity. Continue your scientific discovery with Astronomy Magazine Senior Editor, Richard Talcott and tick off another eclipse from your life list. The Small Group Tour for Night Sky Enthusiasts is limited to 24 guests.

March 16 – 22,2017

Aurora Borealis with Sky Photographer Dennis Mammana

Join MWT Associates, Inc. and night-sky photographer Dennis Mammana, for a Northern Lights adventure of a lifetime to Alaska. Interacting with primarily oxygen and nitrogen atoms, the solar wind excites electrons which then give off an associated glow, treasured by aurora photographers and seekers from around the world. This interaction happens in rings around Earth’s northern and southern poles, primarily around the 65 ̊ latitudes. Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs sit right on this line and have some of the best opportunity for aurora viewing. During the daytime hours, when the aurora is not visible, we’ll explore the area and will have an opportunity to participate in winter sports and learn of the ties to the gold rush history.

May 14 – 31, 2017

Namibia, the land of dark skies, space, and silence, is an ageless land, visible through the heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists and geological sites. Whether staying at a remote lodge or on safari, see the large desert-adapted elephants and black rhino, birdlife of some 660 species of birds and so much more in Namibia, where wildlife is more of a punctuation.

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse Tour
August 14-23, 2017

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

The 2017 total solar eclipse path crosses some of North America’s most rugged and most beautiful landscapes. Take a ride on the river-of-no- return as you jet boat through Hells Canyon down the Snake River and white water raft a full day on the Salmon River. Explore America’s greatest parks: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. The team of astronomical lecturers will guide you through the USA northwest night sky as you travel the Old West with hip cowboy roundups, rushing rivers and stunning National Parks. No background in science is expected.

The Great Oregon Total Solar Eclipse Cruise
August 19-26, 2017

Lured by patriotism and a better life, pioneers and adventurers lashed down the covered wagons and headed to the Pacific Northwest. Explorers Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their Indigenous American guide, Sacajawea, cruised the Columbia River and marked the beauty of this new land. On August 19-26, 2017 Columbia River Total Eclipse Cruise astronomers will ply this route, roundtrip from Portland, Oregon, aboard an 88-guest replica coastal steamer. The heritage guides, historians and guest experts will bring the Oregon history to life along with astronomy experts who will highlight the upcoming total eclipse.