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Project ASTRO Lending Library

All active Project ASTRO Participants are eligible to check out materials from the Bay Area Lending Library. The Library exists to supplement materials that that may not be available in classrooms including books, slide materials, lab equipment, activity supplies, and much more.

What is the Lending Library?

The Project ASTRO Lending Library is a resource and materials library designed to increase partners access to supplies and supplemental classroom tools.

How do I borrow an item?

It is easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Contact the Bay Area Program Coordinator at bayareaastro {at} or 415-715-1426.
  2. Request the item and determine if it is available.
  3. Wait for directions from the Coordinator regarding delivery of object. (Some items, like the telescopes, must be picked up at the ASP. Other items may be mailed or shipped.)

What is in the Library?

The contents of the Library are always changing as we solicit donations and purchase equipment. If you are looking for a material or tool related to Project ASTRO that you do not have at your school, astronomy club, or workplace, please ask if we may have it – even if you don’t see it on this list. Click on a category below to see what is available or just browse.

Click here for a pdf version of the list of books available from the lending library.

Observing & Classroom Materials
Slide Sets

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Library Materials

Bay Area Project ASTRO is proud to include the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s library as a part of our lending library. The ASP’s library includes hundreds of additional books on various astronomy related topics for both adults and children. Browse subjects alphabetically:

A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

Project ASTRO Lending Library

Observing & Classroom Materials

A1. Telescope, Meade LX-200 GPS, 14″

A2. Telescope, Meade ETX-90EC

A3. Telescope, home made 12″ Dobsonian

A4. Telescope, Bushnell, 2.5″ Refractor

A5. Telescope, Meade, 6″ Newtonian

A6. Telescope, Meade ETX-125EC

A7. Telescope, Meade ETX-60AT

A8. Telescope, home made Dobsonian 13.1″

B1. Sun Spotter (3 available)

B2. Diffraction grating glasses (classroom set)

B3. Diffraction peepholes (classroom set)

B4. 20 oz cleaned plastic bottles (to make Planet Bottles)

B5. NASA Lithographs (large variety)

B6. NASA and SETI posters (large variety)

B7. Celestial Sphere, 30″

B8. Overhead Projector

B9. Star Gazer (Mini Portable star projector)

B10. Solar Science Lab


C1. A Private Universe

C2. All About Telescopes and Binoculars

C3. Asteroids: Deadly Impact

C4. Best Mind Since Einstein

C5. Big Bang

C6. Carl Sagan-A Cosmic Celebrity

C7. Changing Universe

C8. Colors Of The Sun

C9. Comet Odyssey

C10. Contact

C11. Cosmic Travelers

C12. Countdown To The Invisible Universe

C13. Death Star

C14. Doppler Effect

C15. Earth Revealed (5 video series)

C16. Evolution

C17. Expanding Universe

C18. Eyewitness Planets

C19. Galaxy Guide

C20. Lenses and mirrors

C21. Life in Universe Series-SETI

C22. Life on Mars

C23. Mars: Past, Present and Future

C24. Blue Planet

C25. Meteorites

C26. Milky Way’s Invisible Light

C27. NASA Astrophysics Presents: Supernova The Birth, Death Of A Star, and Supernova

C28. Newton’s Laws

C29. Planets – Published by Eyewitness (2 series set)

C30. Planets (5 series set)

C31. Powers of 10 (3 copies)

C32. Project ASTRO

C33. Sir Isaac Newton

C34. Solar System

C35. The ASP-Wimps vs. Machos: What’s the Matter?

C36. The Aurora Explained

C37. Things That Go Bang In The Night

C38. To The Moon

C39. Understanding the Universe

C40. What makes the Big Bang Big

C41. IMAX “Cosmic Voyage” with Morgan Freeman (DVD)


E1. Earth and Sky, Radio Series

E2. Echoes of the Night Native American Legends of the Night Sky

E3. Explore the Planets

E4. Falling from the Sky meteor Resource CD

E5. Galaxy Guide – A Journey through the Constellations

E6. Gemini Observatory Virtual Tour

E7. NASA’s Everyday Classroom Tools

E8. Project ASTRO Saturn Workshop

E9. Real Sky- Digitized Southern Sky on 11 CD-Roms

E10. Real Sky – the Palomar Observatory, Sky Survey on 9 CD-Roms

E11. SDSS Sample Volume 1

E12. Sky Tools

E13. Star Gazer

E14. The Chromatics Astro Cappella 2.0

E15. The Dynamic Sun

E16. TRACE – Transitional Region and Coronal Explorer

E17. Tune in the Universe! A Radio Amateur’s Guide to search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

E18. Chandra-X-ray Observatory

E19. Hubble Telescope Picture CD -Hubble Universe

Slide Sets

F1. Stellar Evolution

F2. Glorious Eclipse

F3. Comet Impact

F4. The Planetary System

F5. Women in Astronomy

F6. Galaxies

F7. Andromeda Galaxy M31

F8. The Hubble Space Telescope

F9. Planet Picking, Part I

F10. Planet Picking, Part II

F11. Universe at Your Fingertips

F12. Mars Pathfinder

F13. Splendors of the Universe, Set 1

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Astronomical Society of the Pacific Library Subjects

1. Amateur Astronomy

2. Ancient History

3. Asteroids

4. Astronomy and Physics text books

5. Astrophotography

6. Astrophysics

7. Atlases

8. Basic Observing Handbooks

9. Before Galileo

10. Binary Stars

11. Biographies

12. Black Holes

13. Celestial Mechanics

14. Comets

15. Comprehensive history

16. Computing Astronomy

17. Dark Matter

18. Dictionaries and References

19. Earth

20. Education

21. Einstein

22. Extraterrestrial Life / SETI

23. Galaxies

24. Galileo

25. Gamma Rays

26. General Astronomy

27. General Cosmology

28. General Physics

29. General Science

30. General Solar System

31. Herschel

32. High Energy

33. History

34. Hubble

35. Jupiter

36. Kepler

37. Mars

38. Mercury

39. Meteors

40. Milky Way

41. Moon

42. Neptune

43. Neutron Stars

44. New titles (not reviewed yet.)

45. Newton

46. Observational Techniques

47. Optical

48. Origin of the Universe

49. Oversized Books

50. Particle Physics

51. Philosophy of science

52. Pluto

53. Pseudoscience

54. Quasars

55. Radio Astronomy

56. Rare books

57. Relativity

58. Saturn

59. Social science

60. Space

61. Stellar Evolution

62. Sun

63. Supernova

64. Telescope Making

65. Telescopes

66. UFOs

67. Uranus

68. Variable Stars

69. Venus

70. Women in astronomy

71. X-ray Astronomy

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