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SF Bay Area Project ASTRO

Be a Project ASTRO Star!!!

Applications for the 2015-16 school year are now being accepted. The application deadline is June 1, 2015. Please visit the teacher page or astronomer page for more information and the application forms.

How We Reach For The Stars

Bay Area Project ASTRO, the ASP’s premier astronomy education program and locally sponsored chapter, has nearly 250 active participants and reaches over 150 schools and community based organizations in the greater Bay Area. The program serves teachers, students, and volunteer astronomers in 3rd – 9th grade classrooms, after-school programs, and school science events.

Program staff matches Bay Area teachers to volunteer astronomers who have an interest in working with local schools and community centers. Together, educators and astronomers participate in a 2-day summer workshop, receive astronomy resource materials, and develop a strategy for working together in and out of the classroom.

Project ASTRO partnerships involve more than just one-time visits. Astronomers and educators commit to at least four site visits per year. These involve the astronomers leading or assisting with hands-on activities, answering questions, and talking about their own work and interests. Some partners also set up evening observing sessions, create astronomy clubs, go on field trips, or assist with science fair projects.

Partner Information and Resources

Bay Area Project ASTRO understands that each partnership and classroom is unique and requires its own unique resources to help you facilitated hands-on astronomy activities for the students.

Partner resources
Lending Library

Activity Logs

Bay Area Project ASTRO Coalition (BAPAC)

Bay Area Project ASTRO works with a coalition of representatives from some of the leading science and education institutions in the greater Bay Area. BAPAC members and their institutions have been playing a significant role in helping to sustain Project ASTRO in the Bay Area by donating facilities and other resources for workshops, co-sponsoring ASTRO workshops and events, sharing their expertise and knowledge in the science education community, and by collaborating on many different aspects of the project. BAPAC members are actively involved with astronomy and science education. Check out what’s happening at these Bay Area institutions!

These are our current coalition members, their representatives, and a web site if they have one:

Carolie Sly, Alameda County Office of Education
Juanita Ryan, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Ellen Metzger, Bay Area Earth Science Institute
Isabel Hawkins,Nahide Craig, Space Sciences Lab (UC Berkeley)
Scott Hildreth, Chabot College
Celeste Burrows, Chabot Space & Science Center
Darryl Stanford, City College of San Mateo
Ron Olowin, College of St. Mary’s
Linda Shore, Exploratorium
Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College
Amelia Marshall and Alan Gould, Hands On Universe
Gail Chaid, Independence High School and Planetarium
Carl Pennypacker, Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Alan Gould, Lawrence Hall of Science and Hands On Universe
Neil Hurlburt, Lockheed-Martin Advanced Technology Center
Garth Hull, Bob Hillenbrand, NASA Ames Research Center
Tom Smithson, Sacramento Area Science Project
Kathleen O’Sullivan, San Francisco State University
Gary Nakagiri, San Mateo County Office of Education
Edna DeVore, Karenlee Smith, SETI Institute
Deborah Scherrer, Paul Mortfield, Stanford Solar Center
Chet Anderson, Tech Museum of Innovation
David Anderson, Rich Combs, Deborah Scherrer, Tri-Valley Stargazers
Neil Lark, University of the Pacific
Lynn Cominsky, Phil Plait, Sonoma State University

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