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Surfing the Solar System: A Treasure Hunt Game and Puzzle

In this game, part of the “Race to the Planets” group of activities, players are given clues in words and pictures to worlds or features in the solar system. The first letters of the answers then spell out what is likely to be one of the most popular tourist attractions when travel among the planets becomes routine.

The puzzle provides a clue for each question and suggests some web sites for finding out more if you get stuck. Some of the questions are easy, while others require familiarity with solar system features that are somewhat off the “beaten track.” Have fun.

Note: This game requires the Flash player. Click here to go to the Adobe web site and download the free Flash player (a new browser window will open).

Are you ready to hunt for treasure among the planets?

Then click here (a new browser window will open).

Please note: there are some issues with the game sound repeating. You can mute or turn off sound on your computer while playing, as sound is not necessary to play the game.