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114th Annual Meeting Photo Gallery

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Don Davis (at the podium) and Jon Lomberg (just to the right of Davis) receive their Klumpke-Roberts Awards from ASP President Alex Filippenko (far right). Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen Timothy Ferris talks about the contributions of amateur astronomers during the ASP Awards Banquet. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen   Timothy Ferris signs copies of his new book Seeing in the Dark. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen
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Alex Filippenko delivers the opening lecture on Sunday morning. Photo Credit: ASP Alex Filippenko addresses the ASP Awards Banquet on Sunday evening. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen Chris Impey talks about thinking "outside the box" on extraterrestrial life. Photo Credit: ASP
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Jane Houston Jones presents Dean Ketelsen with the Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award. Photo Credit: Morris Jones Geoff Marcy talks about the latest extrasolar planet discoveries. Photo Credit: ASP Chris McKay talks about the possibility of life on Mars. Photo Credit: ASP
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David Morrison talks about the threat of asteroid impacts. Photo Credit: ASP Bohdan Paczynski accepts the ASP's Bruce Medal. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen Seven of Sunday's speakers participate in a panel discussion. Photo Credit: John Glaspey  
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Pimentel Hall was filled to capacity for Sunday's lectures. Photo Credit: ASP   François Roddier accepts the Muhlmann Award from ASP Vice President Katy Garmany and ASP President Alex Filippenko. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen Phil Sadler accepts the Brennan Award from Alex Filippenko. Photo Credit: Dean Ketelsen
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Seth Shostak talks about what would happen if we detect an ET signal. Photo Credit: ASP Jill Tarter talks about the latest developments in SETI. Photo Credit: ASP Ben Zuckerman adopts the skeptic's role on the possibility of advanced civilizations. Photo Credit: ASP
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More than 25 members of the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers brought telescopes to Saturday night's Mt. Tam star party. Photo credit: Robert Naeye The ASP membership and catalog tables buzz with activity. Photo credit: Robert Naeye ASP Executive Director Mike Bennett (left) presents raffle winner Andrew Doser his new Meade LX90 telescope. Photo credit: Robert Naeye
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Left to right: Mike Bennett, Alex Filippenko, and Andrew Fraknoi enjoy Sunday's festivities. Photo credit: Jeanne Bishop From left to right: Jill Tarter, Chris McKay, David Morrison, and Seth Shostak share a laugh during Sunday's panel discussion. Photo credit: Jeanne Bishop From left to right: Ben Zuckerman, Chris Impey, and Alex Filippenko debate the fine points of life in the universe during Sunday's panel discussion. Photo credit: Jeanne Bishop