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ASP 116th Annual Meeting
July 20-24, 2004

ASP Annual Awards Banquet | ASP Members Meeting | Astrocon 2004

The ASP's Annual Meeting at AstroCon2004 and the Annual Awards Banquet was a resounding success thanks to our many attendees, award recipients, and the many volunteers who made it all possible. Amateur Astronomers from all over the United States and abroad attended 4 days of AstroCon workshops, meetings, the ASP's "Outreach for Amateurs" workshop, tours to Lick Observatory and Chabot Space & Science Center, and finally a very special evening aboard the USS Hornet, the history-making aircraft carrier that recovered Apollo 11 and 12. The ASP's Awards Banquet was highlighted by renowned planet hunter, Geoff Marcy, recalling some of the team's adventures in the early days of planet-finding.

The meeting was dedicated to the memory of astronomy's "invariable star" Janet Mattei, and Elizabeth Waagen's tribute to Janet was especially moving.

Special thanks to co-sponsors The Astronomical League, The American Association of Variable Star Observers, and Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers and our hosts, Eastbay Astronomical Society, Astronomical Association of Northern California, and San Jose Astronomical Association for providing the support necessary to bring this special "great conjunction" together!

Visit our photo gallery to see photos from the conference, our ASP Award Winners, banquet guests, and Alex Filippenko's memorable tribute to Bruce Gold Medal winner, Dr. Chushiro Hayashi.