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Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future

Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Rich Berendsen, Paul Deans, Andrew Fraknoi, Pablo Nelson, and Vivian White.

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Weekend Workshops
Posters & Exhibits
Special Events
ASP 2009 Awards Banquet

Weekend Workshops

01-IMG_0050 03-IMG_0072 04-IMG_0075
05-IMG_0112 06-IMG_0116 07-P1010027
Participants in the "Life on Earth...and Elsewhere" workshop. Alan Gould speaks during the "Discovering Our Place in the Universe" workshop. "Of the Moon, On the Moon, From the Moon" workshop participants prepare for a Moon cratering activty.
08-P1010054 09-P1010071 10-P1010121
A Participant works on an activity during the "Of the Moon, On the Moon, From the Moon" workshop. Participants do an activity during the "Of the Moon, On the Moon, From the Moon" workshop. Galileo Teacher Training Program participants put together Galileoscopes.
11-P1010122 12-P1010175 13-P1010183
Galileo Teacher Training Program participants work on Galileoscopes. "Of the Moon, On the Moon, From the Moon" participants make a slit spectrograph. "Of the Moon, On the Moon, From the Moon" participants make a slit spectrograph.


14-DSC_0002 15-DSC_0009 16-3a-Hillenbrand
James Manning gives the conference opening remarks. ASP President Bruce Partridge during keynote address. Lynne Hillenbrand speaks during the keynote address.
17-DSC_0014 18-DSC_0015 19-5-Keynote
David Grinspoon and Lynne Hillenbrand during the keynote address David Grinspoon speaks during keynote address. Keynote address audience
20-DSC_0033 21-DSC_0171 22-DSC_0146
Eric Hooper gives his 1-minute poster presentation. Janice Harvey speaks during her 1-minute poster presentation. Plenary panel session speakers Paul Knappenberger, Deborah Scherrer, Stephen Pompea, and Doris Daou.
23-DSC_0227 24-DSC_0055 25-DSC_0082
Paul Dusenbery of the Space Science Institute speaks during a conference session. Jim Thieman, Carolyn Ng, Laura Peticolas, and Lindsay Bartolone take a break. Conference attendees Stephanie Stockman, Hashima Hasan, Lindsay Bartolone, Jim Lochner, Mangala Sharma, and Denise Smith.
26-DSC_0109 27-DSC_0149  
Michael Gibbs, James Manning, and Andrew Fraknoi. Pablo Nelson, Charlene Quach-Thai and Albert Silva staff the registration table.

Posters & Exhibits

28-IMG_0219 29-IMG_0222 30-DSC_0067
Conference participants check out posters and exhibits. Poster and exhibit hall. Poster display in the exhibit hall.
31-DSC_0052 32-DSC_0062 33-IMG_0254
Vivian White staffs the ASP booth. SETI Institute booth in the exhibit hall. Darlene Mendoza at the SOFIA booth.

Special Events

34-Caldwell 35-Shostak 36-Drake_b
Douglas Caldwell speaks during SETI Sunday. Seth Shostak gives a talk on "What Will the Real ET Be Like?" during SETI Sunday. Frank Drake speaks during SETI Sunday.
37-Reception-1 38-FETTU 39-DSC_0130
Welcome Reception "From Earth to the Universe" exhibit. Astronaut John Grunsfeld speaks about the Hubble servicing mission during a public talk.
40-DSC_0135 41-Manning 42-DSC_0113
John Grunsfeld receives a Galileoscope from Richard Fienberg. ASP Executive Director Jim Manning with astronaut John Grunsfeld. Astronaut John Grunsfeld with ASP Board member Mary Kay Hemenway.

ASP 2009 Awards Banquet

43-DSC_0240 44-DSC_0246 45-DSC_0271
Bruce Partridge and Jim Manning at the ASP 2009 Awards banquet. Doug Brown presents the Amateur Achievement award to TASS associate Michael Richmond on behalf of Thomas Droege's family. Las Cumbes Amateur Outreach award winner Carol Lee Lutsinger with Mary Kay Hemenway.
46-DSC_0251 47-DSC_0276 48-Bundy
Sandra Preston presents the Thomas J. Brennan award to Ardis Herrold. Edna DeVore presents the Klumpke-Roberts award to Isabel Hawkins. Robert J. Trumpler award winner Kevin Bundy with Alex Filippenko.
49-DSC_0260 50-DSC_0272 51-Partridge
Richard Fienberg presents the Maria and Eric Muhlmann Award to Edward Fenimore of the Swift Mission team. Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal winner Frank Shu with Bruce Partridge. Bruce Partridge, Bruce Medalist Frank Shu, and Jim Manning.
2009 ASP Award winners