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Author Guidelines

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is publishing the proceedings from the 2009 annual meeting of the ASP. This publication will be edited by Jonathan Barnes, Denise Smith, Michael G. Gibbs, and James G. Manning. It is an opportunity for all presentations and posters to be published in the official ASP conference series (both print and e-access).

The purpose for this book of proceedings is to provide a written overview/summary of the meeting as well as to serve as a reference for education and public outreach practitioners.

The volume will be available to order through the AstroShop. The volume can be pre-ordered here.

Questions can be addressed to 2009proceedings {at}

Important Deadlines:


FINAL deadline for manuscripts (via e-mail):

October 1 , 2009

Revisions (if necessary) as requested by the editors due:

November 1, 2009

A timely publication of the proceedings is needed in order for this publication to be useful to the EPO community. To help us meet such a goal, contributions received after the deadline may not be included. If revisions are not received by the deadline, then the editors reserve the right not to publish the original manuscript. The editors reserve the right to edit grammar, some content, placement of charts, tables, etc. within each manuscript.

All manuscripts must be sent via e-mail to the address given below. Individual CD or other forms of communication will not be accepted.

Abstracts will not be published in the proceedings.

Each contribution will be reviewed by the editors for appropriateness, copyright issues, and duplication of information. Manuscripts that are of a commercial/for-profit nature will also be reviewed for appropriateness. The editors will notify individuals if there are any issues or if revisions are needed. Editors reserve the right not to accept a manuscript for publication.

All contributions must be original work from the author(s) or have the written authorization of original author(s). It is the responsibility of the individual submitting the document to obtain the written authorization and provide the document to the ASP in order for the submission to be included.

Publication Agreement and Copyright Form

Please download, fill in and send in via the U.S. mail the form PUBLICATION AGREEMENT AND COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT (Word doc, 24 KB). At least one author needs to complete this form and send it to:

2009 Proceedings
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

This document may also be sent via email to 2009proceedings {at}

Style and Formatting

Because many presentations at this meeting are not given in the traditional scientific "paper presentation" format, authors are asked to summarize their workshop, demonstration, panel and/or poster presentation in a way that best provides an overall feel and description for the information being communicated. We encourage authors to submit in LaTeX using the ASP Conference Series templates (see below). However, manuscripts submitted in Word will also be acceptable and converted to LaTeX.

We will follow the APA 5th edition format. Please be sure to use the proper citation for quotations (see APA section 3.34 pages 117 and 118) and for the reference list (see APA section 4.07, page 223).

The style and instruction/example files are:

LaTeX Manuscripts:

Microsoft Word Manuscripts:

For All Manuscripts:

We encourage all authors to follow the final check list prior to submitting their paper. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in unnecessary delays and aggravating mistakes.


Images must be either encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or PostScript (.ps) format. Please submit a grayscale version if your paper or poster has color images. Color images will not be printed in the book. We will post color images in the e-book version if they are submitted in color. If color is desired in the e-book, authors may submit images in color. The printer will do a grayscale conversion, however, it is recommended that authors do the color to grayscale conversion themselves if they are concerned about the grayscale version.

Authors will also need to complete and send the Permission to Use form (PDF, 207 KB) to the 2009 proceedings email or postal address for any images that have been created by another person or published previously.

Page Limits

Up to 15 pages for weekend workshop presentations.
Up to 10 pages for 90-minute oral sessions or 45-minute half-sessions.
Up to 6 pages for 10-minute oral presentations.
Up to 4 pages for posters.

Submitting Your Manuscript

You must submit your files using the following scheme:

1. Name the LaTeX or Word file with the first author's family name.

For Example: wilson.tex or wilson.doc and the figures as wilson_fig1.eps, wilson_fig2.eps, etc.

2. If you are the first author of more than one contribution use "a", "b", etc. to mark each contribution.

For example: wilson_a.tex, wilson_a_fig1.eps, wilson_a_fig2.eps, etc. for the first contribution, and wilson_b.tex, wilson_b_fig1.eps, wilson_b_fig2.eps, etc. for a second one.

3. Then use tar, gzip or zip to package your files.

For example: tar cvf wilson.tar wilson.tex wilson_fig1.eps wilson_fig2.eps gzip wilson.tar

4. If you are the first author of more than one contribution, package each one into separate .tar .gz or zip files.

For example: wilson_a.tar.gz, wilson_b.tar.gz, etc.

Send by e-mail the file containing your contribution to:

To: 2009proceedings {at}
Subject: ASP 2009 Meeting: (write your name here)

If you have more than one contribution, send them separately (and label them "a", "b", etc. in the subject field).

If you have questions about sending your file, please contact: 2009proceedings {at}

Once The Manuscript Is Submitted

We plan to immediately pre-process your contribution within a day or two (weekdays) to ensure it was received in good order, it is complete and within page limits, it adheres to both APA and ASP style rules and the figures and tables follow the above-outlined recommendations on legibility and uniformity. While this is not a peer-reviewed publication we still desire that it be up to the standards of one.

It is suggested that you run your finished paper through the printer's online preflight. It will pick up any potential technical problems (esp. low-resolution images, font issues, etc.).  

We plan to respond to you within a few working days from receiving your submission. If you do not receive any message from us within a week, please contact us in case the manuscript was not received.

Thank you for your contribution to the conference and the book of proceedings.


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