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Comos in the Classroom 2007

Cosmos in the Classroom 2007: A Hands-on Symposium on Teaching Introductory Astronomy took place from August 2 - 5, 2007. Over 200 instructors of introductory astronomy met at Pomona College in Southern California, to discuss techniques, materials, and new approaches for teaching non-science majors about the universe. The meeting program overview is still available for your review.

Sponsored by the ASP (together with the American Astronomical Society), the meeting featured 56 hands-on small-group workshops to help instructors practice what they preach.

Cosmos in the Classroom 2007: Papers and Handouts from a Hands-on Symposium on Teaching Introductory Astronomy

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Edited by Andrew Fraknoi

This 265-page, loose-leaf format volume includes 73 contributions by over a hundred experienced instructors, divided into the following categories:

1. Astronomy Education Research
2. Teaching Techniques
3. Laboratory Exercises, Demonstrations, and Observing Activities
4. On-line Teaching and Telescopes
5. Interdisciplinary Approaches
6. Debunking Pseudo-science
7. Resources for Teaching and Learning
8. Other Educational Topics.

Designed for university, college, and high-school faculty who teach a first astronomy course, the volume is full of practical advice, reviews of instructional tools, curriculum guides, and class activities you can put to direct use. Both instructors just starting out in their teaching and veteran instructors seeking to update or revitalize their course will find things of interest in among the many different papers and guides to additional resources in this handy notebook.

A special feature is the inclusion of meeting discussion summaries on such topics as:

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Order online today at the ASP's AstroShop.