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Give for Today

Look up and ask yourself,… what would life and learning be like without the stars? They engage, inspire, and help us to understand this world and the worlds around us. Here at the ASP,– and for all those we serve through our innovative programs and services,– they are a gateway to science and science literacy. With your support, we can continue to spark the intellectual curiosity of students of all ages, foster their commitment to exploration and discovery, empower their critical thinking, and lay a foundation for their science, technology, and academic pursuits and professions …– with a particular focus on reaching under-represented and under-served schools and communities.

From publishing our popular magazine and research journals to conducting educator professional development workshops to training networks of amateur astronomers across the country, the ASP is one of the oldest and most well-respected organizations in science education and outreach. Our program partners include NASA, NSF, school districts, universities, community colleges, national and state parks, and museums, planetariums and observatories across the country.

If you are someone who believes in a world where science literacy is celebrated every day, then you believe as we do. Won’’t you please turn that belief into financial support so that together we can achieve such a world?

Below is a sample of how and where your contribution can make a difference:

$100 supports one teacher’’s attendance at a Galileo Teacher Training Program workshop.

$150 puts a Sky Rangers Toolkit in the hands of a Park Ranger to launch an astronomy program.

$200 pays for making one online Astronomy Toolkit accessible for someone with a visual or hearing disability, bringing astronomy understanding to previously underserved audiences.

$500 supports the publication of one quarterly issue of The Universe in the Classroom.

$1,000 supports a 4-hour professional development workshop about astronomy for 20 teachers.

$2,000 sends an ASP astronomer to a meeting of the National Association of Interpreters to conduct an astronomy workshop for Park Rangers.

$5,000 supports a 2-day professional development astronomy workshop for 20 teachers.

Astronomy is truly the gateway to science literacy. Through the ASP’’s education and public outreach programs and services,– and thanks to the support of donors like you,– we are making an exponential impact on the lives and minds of people of all ages. Thank you!

Please visit and make a gift today.

You may also make a donation to the ASP using PayPal by clicking the button below (a PayPal account is not required to donate).

The ASP also provides valuable information about estate planning and legacy giving options. Please visit Give for Tomorrow for details and resources.