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Help the ASP Empower Teachers

Why do teachers matter? What makes a great teacher? How can you support teachers in their pursuit of relevance and greatness in the classroom?

Few professions have a more lasting impact on our future than teachers, for they prepare young hearts and minds for the challenges and opportunities that will shape human destiny. At the ASP, we’ve been helping to determine this future for decades—by supporting the great work of teachers in astronomy and science. You can help, too. Donors to the ASP put training and tools into the hands of educators at all grade levels to advance science understanding and literacy in order to prepare our next generation of leaders.

Thanks to people like you, Fremont Unified School District science specialist and teacher Anna Batalao can continue to deliver inspiring and empowering classroom experiences for her students. Anna is a participant in the ASP’s Project ASTRO program, which partners teachers with astronomers to bring hands-on, inquiry-based science education to students. Together they help students make that critical leap between theory and practice, and bring real science to life. As Anna says:

“Most valuable about the [Project ASTRO] program … my kids (and I!) feel excited to meet and work with an actual astronomer. We plan the schedule and lessons for classroom visits together, and because the program provides training for the Project ASTRO Partners on the lessons and activities … we have a shared knowledge and experience with the learning goals in the lessons, materials, and timing involved. Though I am not a specialist in astronomy, Project ASTRO helps me to teach as if I were one!”

Your support also helps the ASP to stay on the forefront of classroom learning. We are incorporating the newly released Next Generation Science Standards into our teacher professional development programs, using astronomy as the gateway to science literacy:

“A workshop with the ASP was where I first heard of the Next Generation Science Standards, and how it shifts the focus to teaching science practices rather than science content, as has been the case. The Project ASTRO lesson activities are great examples of lessons that meet the NGSS. I credit the program’s training with helping me to turn a more critical eye on lesson activities. I am more careful to look for evidence that lessons are not only hands-on and engaging, but that they also embed good opportunities for practicing science skills.”

With your financial help, the ASP remains committed to serving Anna and her colleagues across the country, through Project ASTRO and other ASP professional development programs. Together we can continue to inspire and engage your sons and daughters, your grandsons and granddaughters, your nieces and nephews … all of those who will one day serve as leaders in our communities, our industries, our world, and the worlds around us:

“Having the opportunity to introduce my students to my Project ASTRO partner astronomer definitely stirred up excitement with my science students, and inspired them to greater curiosity about astronomy and opportunities in studying space. At least two of my students are seriously enthralled with the idea of becoming astronauts, and I am certain such a goal seems more attainable to them.”

Please join the ASP in fostering our science literate future. Every educator we train makes an indelible impact on the students in his or her classroom or informal educational setting. By making a gift to the ASP, you make an impact, too. Please partner with us in this important goal—helping Anna and teachers everywhere prepare young learners to create the science literate tomorrow we will need.

You may donate easily today online at Let’s work together to make a real difference in classrooms around the country!