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2001 ASP Annual Award Winners

ASP 2001 Award Recipients Press Release

Hans Bethe

The Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal

Hans Bethe

Image courtesy of Robert Barker/Cornell University

Joseph Caruso

The Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award

Joseph R. Caruso

Image courtesy of Karen Caruso

James Hill

The Thomas J. Brennan Award

James G. Hill

Image courtesy of James G. Hill

Syuichi Nakano

The Amateur Achievement Award

Syuichi Nakano

Image courtesy of Takeshi Urata

The Robert J. Trumpler Award

Michael J. Pahre

(No image available)

Sandi Preston

The Klumpke-Roberts Award

Sandi Preston

Image courtesy of David Neuse/McDonald Observatory

Keith Taylor

The Maria and Eric Muhlmann Award

Keith Taylor

Image courtesy of Keith Taylor