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2008 ASP Annual Award Recipients

Richard H. Emmons Award
Chris Impey
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Students who have had the pleasure and privilege of experiencing a course with Chris Impey will not be surprised to learn that he is the recipient of ASP's 2008 Richard H. Emmons Award for excellence in college astronomy teaching.

Innovation is certainly a hallmark of Chris's approach to teaching astronomy. He is ever thought provoking and engaging; students benefit from his refreshing methods that use interactive techniques and a blend of online and classroom teaching. His approach to education is much broader than simply providing a professionally constructed course for non-science majors. He has taken book publishers to task to get them to change their marketing techniques and improve their wares, worried over the use of mobile technologies and the Internet for educating our ever-plugged in youth, and wondered about his contribution to the future lives and careers of his students.

Chris Impey has not restricted his passion for sharing astronomy to the classroom. In addition to his exemplary research, he is a prolific writer — having penned several books — and is a relentless blogger. He has a wealth of experience to share and fortunately, he shares it freely. He is serious and thoughtful about education but also wants to entertain and make us all laugh while we learn.