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ASP Conference Series Volumes Ordering Information

E-Access Articles & Books (no print volume included)

Visit the E-Books website to purchase. No printed volumes are included with these online access purchases.

Volumes 1-218: $44*
Volumes 219+: $65*

Articles: $9* each

*ASP membership discount does not apply to purchase online-only access.

Individual Purchases*

Vol. 1-218, 1995 and 2000 Atlases: $55.00/$49.50 for ASP Members
Volumes 219+, 2005 Atlas: $77.00/$69.30 for ASP Members

*All prices listed on this page are for non-meeting attendees.

Order Conference Series Volumes Online

Note: ASP Members who order online must include their membership number on the order form page. The order total will not include your discount at the time of order, but your “Order has shipped” confirmation email will include the discount. Orders placed online will be charged AstroShop shipping fees.

Order by Fax or by Mail

Note: Orders placed by fax or mail must use Shipping fees from the AstroShop.


All individual orders (not including meeting attendee, Standing Orders and resale orders) placed online or by fax/mail, pay AstroShop shipping fees. International orders must be placed by fax/mail. Please visit the AstroShop for contact information, shipping prices and estimated delivery time.

Institutional Subscriptions & Book Resellers

Current pricing and shipping options.

Request a Quotation

Contact service {at} for a quotation. Please include volume numbers and ship to address for quotation.