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Conference Series

Timely accounts of the important meetings in astronomy & astrophysics

Since 1988, the ASP has published six monographs and over 500 conference proceedings volumes, preserving for posterity the latest results in astronomy, astrophysics, space science, and astronomy education from conferences and workshops held around the world.

Electronic access is available for all Conference Series titles and articles. Browse the e-Book Access site for a free preview of select volumes and expanded information on each title. Hard cover books are still available (with electronic access) through the ASP’s AstroShop.

The ASP Conference Series (ASPCS) is now offering a Community Subscription to non-research and community institutions featuring access to ASPCS proceedings online at a much lower price than the regular subscription. Download the pdf brochure for more information.

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List of Published and Forthcoming Volumes

Browse Conference Series Volumes by volume number/year:
Volumes 1-7 (1988-1989)
Volumes 8-12 (1990)
Volumes 13-21 (1991)
Volumes 22-34 (1992)
Volumes 35-53 (1993)
Volumes 54-69 (1994)
Volumes 70-86 (1995)
Volumes 87-112 (1996)
Volumes 113-130 (1997)
Volumes 131-155 (1998)
Volumes 156-194 (1999)
Volumes 195-221 (2000)
Volumes 222-252 (2001)
Volumes 253-285 (2002)
Volumes 286-308 (2003)
Volumes 309-327 (2004)
Volumes 328-347 (2005)
Volumes 348-360 (2006)
Volumes 361-380 (2007)
Volumes 381-401 (2008)
Volumes 402-412 (2009)
Volumes 413-436 (2010)
Volumes 437-447 (2011)
Volumes 448-465 (2012)
Volumes 466-479 (2013)
Volumes 480-490 (2014)
Volumes 491-501 (2015)
Volumes 502- (2016)

ASP Conference Series Forthcoming Volumes
Yet to be published volumes with unknown publishing date.

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