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Universe in the Classroom

Welcome to the Universe in the Classroom! This electronic educational newsletter is for teachers and other educators around the world who want to help students of all ages learn more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy.

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Current Issue: Winter 2016

Planetary Exploration in Science Education

by Christine Shupla (Lunar and Planetary Institute)

Planetary missions are giving us insight into a variety of bigger questions—how did the Earth and Solar System form? How do planets change over time? What are the conditions for life, and where might we find life? Why is Earth so different from the other planets? Educators can engage students of all ages in planetary exploration, connecting them to current research and the reasons for exploring.

In this edition of Universe in the Classroom, learn about the variety of ways planetary scientists explore the solar system, and how to actively engage learners in modeling the differences in data quality depending on the technology used to explore.

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