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Universe in the Classroom

Welcome to the Universe in the Classroom! This electronic educational newsletter is for teachers and other educators around the world who want to help students of all ages learn more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy.

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Current Issue: Spring 2016

Cosmic Geometry and the Curvature of Space

by Ryan Janish (University of California at Berkeley)

Albert Einstein transformed our ideas about the universe with his Special and General Theories of Relativity. Included in these theories is the abstract notion that space is curved. Most people have a strong intuition for the concept of curvature, however this breaks down when studying our own space where we must rely on mathematical descriptions of curvature.

These mathematical descriptions of the curvature of space play a central role in contemporary astronomy and physics, with much of our present understanding, as well as some of our most mysterious unanswered questions, having their source in these measurements.

In this edition of Universe in the Classroom, learn about how educators can provide their students a hands-on connection to the curvature of space, and to contemporary science and its underlying mathematics.

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