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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 29 No. 1
January/February 2000

Page Article
10 The Great Cosmic Battle, Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin
The present epoch is important to us for obvious reasons. But what of those in the far distant future? Can the excitement and structure of now be perpetuated into the dark emptiness of then?
16 A Partner-Approach to Astronomy Education: Project ASTRO the Tucson Way, Ginny Beal (with a brief history of the Project by Andrew Fraknoi)
Born of a nagging belief that we can and should do better at educating our children, Project ASTRO has made an impact on everyone touched by it.
24 High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: First Light at the South Pole, Francis Halzen
A new neutrino observatory has begun looking for the ghostly particles - from the vantage of Earth's South Pole. In our quest to discover the heavens, we again find ourselves at the end of the world.
32 Discover the International Astronomical Union, Johannes Andersen
Long known as a seemingly borderless science, astronomy nevertheless requires stewardship. The International Astronomical Union is the professional body that encourages and supports this grand science around the globe.
2 Editorial, James C. White II
An Evolving Critter
4 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
The 1925 Total Solar Eclipse
5 Education Newswire, Leo P. Connolly
Resources and news for astronomy educators
6 Society Scope
8 Armchair Astrophysics, Eric Schulman
Inflationary Heresy
9 Astronomer's Notebook, Christopher J. Conselice
The Millennium Astronomer
C1 SkyMap and SkyChat, Richard Talcott
39 World Beat, Bill Almond
The Heavens From a Watchtower
39 Works of Note
39 Last Page, Donna B. Smith
Do You Hear Saturn?



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