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ASP Annual Meeting: Report to the Membership

Mercury Autumn 2009 Table of Contents

Artist's concept of planet-forming disk

Credit: Paul Deans.

by James G. Manning

Every year at the Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (held most recently this past September in Millbrae, just south of San Francisco), I present a report outlining some of the numerous programs undertaken by your Society during the previous 12 months. Many of these activities appear on various pages in our website and within the pages of our quarterly publication Mercury.

Since most ASP members were unable to attend the Annual Meeting, the editor of Mercury thought it would be appropriate if I reprised my talk within the pages of this magazine -- but not simply as a regular article. So rather than trying to recapture my words and put them to paper, a number of key slides from my PowerPoint presentation are recreated on the following pages.

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