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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 23 No. 4
July/August 1994

Page Article
4 Letters to the Editor
5 Echoes of the Past, by Katherine Bracher
6 Comet Tales, by David H. Levy
Many comets are first seen by amateur astronomers, and David Levy is one of the best. How did he prepare for his years of comet hunting? What was it like to discover his first comet? How does he do it, night after night, year after year?
13 The Bit Hit, by George Musser
Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9's collision with Jupiter may have been the most watched event in astronomical history. Virtually every observatory trained its telescopes on the giant planet. And, thanks to the wonders of the computer network known as the Internet, astronomers knew what their counterparts all over the world had seen within minutes of their observations. We present here some of the first images of the comet impacts, many of which are available to anyone with access to the Internet.
20 The Solar Systems New Ring, by Dan Durda and Sumita Jayaraman
New research indicates that a ring of dust circles the Sun near the Earth's orbit. Where did the dust come from? How long will it be there? Does the Earth ever run into any of it?
23 A Radical in Tweeds: Robert H. Dicke, by Jack Zirker
Bucking the trend of scientists who accepted Einstein's General Theory of Relativity on faith, Robert Dicke has always demanded experimental proof. What experiments did he devise to test the theory? And, after conducting those experiments, how did the Theory hold up?
27 Max Wolf: The Twenty-Fifth Bruce Medalist, by Joseph S. Tenn
29 Education at the CfA, by Harold P. Coyle
The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has developed a series of programs addressing the issues of science education reform. What are those programs? And what have they accomplished?



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