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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 26 No. 2
March/April 1997

Special Issue: Astronomy and Young People

Scientists and science educators pontificate about what kids want, what kids need, what kids think. Isn't it time we listened to the young people themselves? There are magazines by adults for kids, by kids for kids, by adults for adults about kids; but in this issue Mercury, inspired by the Oct. 5, 1995 New York Times Magazine, is going to try something different: a magazine by kids for adults.

Page Article
10 The Children of the Blue Marble, Elizabeth N. Waterhouse
16 A Culture of Disrespect, Kelly J. Smith
18 First Contact, Richard W.J. St. Clair
20 Intelligent Beings From Other Planets: Myth or Fact?, Brenda J. Ramirez
23 A Little That Meant a Lot, Eleanor Imster
26 The 1996 ASP Essay Contest
  Why Do People Strive To Develop Science?, Caroline Poon
  Our Benefits or Our Faults, Anh Le
  Does Science Really Matter to Young People? Catherine Beadle
32 Following the Stars, Angie Brutger
33 Measuring Stellar Variability, Mary A. Dombrowski
2 Editorial, George Musser
A tale of two science centers
4 Letters to the Editor
6 Newswire, Leo P. Connolly
Spend the summer at an observatory; go to the Moon, vicariously.
7 Black Holes to Blackboards, Leisa Glennie
Where oh where, teachers wonder, will my students end up? Our regular columnist, Jeff Lockwood, has tracked down one of his alumni for this report.
8 Guest Observer, James C. White II and Michael Vincent Mecca Durisen
Observing a partial lunar eclipse.This month's column also features a report on Jupiter-observing from young California amateur Rigel Smiroldo.
C-1 SkyChart and SkyTalk, Robert A. Garfinkle and Annmarie Garfinkle
34 Last Page
Art and creative writing from kids in California, Oregon, Trinidad, and India.



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