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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 26 No. 5
September/October 1997

Page Article
10 Saturn and Titan on the Eve of Cassini-Huygens, Jonathan I. Lunine
"Faster, better, cheaper" is NASA's new mantra. But for a complex system such as Saturn and its moons, cheapest is not always best.
16 Throw the Book at 'Em, Thomas S. Statler
Buchangst pervades college astronomy. Instructors fret that no textbook is quite right, authors and publishers get shot down when they try to innovate, students count the days 'til they can sell back their unfriendly tomes. But none of this is going to change unless we make it happen.
19 Reforming Graduate Education, Zodiac Webster
Astronomers have begun to rethink graduate education, and none too soon. Grad schools provide woefully incomplete preparation for the jobs that most young astronomers wind up in. Yet graduate programs are dragging their heels on making changes.
24 Living the Dilbert Life, Andrea E. Schweitzer
Departments and professional societies support students in this tight job market with practical advice. But students need more than workshops on résumé-writing. They also need acknowledgment that giving up the dream of an academic career involves a process of grieving.
28 You Have a Degree in What? Claude Rousseau
"Just one word: astrophysics." Hopefully this isn't the advice that parental friends are giving today's college graduates at poolside cocktail parties. The job market for astronomers is so bad that it is driving established scientists out of the field. But the astronomy degree can be excellent preparation for many careers other than research.
2 Editorial, George S. Musser
The UFO conspiracy buffs were right.
4 Letters to the Editor
4 Society News
5 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
This month, observers in the Northern and Southern hemispheres will catch their last naked-eye glimpses of comet Hale-Bopp. What will people say of it in 40 years?
6 World Beat: Vietnam, Nguyen Dinh Huan
After a half-century of war and isolation, Vietnam is rejoining the international community. Its astronomers have not been left behind.
7 Newswire, Leo P. Connolly
Surveyor-ing Mars; remembering the asteroid; calling all archaeoastronomy professors.
8 Black Holes to Blackboards, Jeffrey F. Lockwood
When your students ask, Why does the Sun shine? tell them to go out and buy the CD.
9 Guest Observer, James C. White II
Lapping up the Milky Way
C-1 SkyChart and SkyTalk, Robert A. Garfinkle
32 Book Review, Ben Bova
The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin. The Planet Mars by William Sheehan. The Rivers of Mars by Piers Bizony. The Hunt for Life on Mars by Donald Goldsmith. Destination Mars by Martin Caidin, Jay Barbree, and Susan Wright. Water on Mars by Michael Carr. Terraforming by Martyn Fogg. The Biological Universe by Steven J. Dick.
34 Last Page, George S. Musser and Bonnie D. Schulkin
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