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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 27 No. 4
July/August 1998

Page Article
9 Elements of Elementary Particle Physics, Alfred K. Mann
It seems as if new "elementary" particles are discovered every day, yet this is simply not true. There is quite a menagerie of them, but a little instruction makes them all quite manageable.
16 Restructuring a Class, Transforming the Professor: Conceptually-Centered Astronomy With Actively-Engaged Students, Walt Bisard and Michael Zeilik
Most students never get the "big picture" of astronomy. Assaulted with facts and concepts, they are generally most concerned with "what's on the next test." To involve them, to lead them to understanding takes effort, but the results are worth it.
20 The Behemoth Eta Carinae: A Repeat Offender, Nathan Smith
The bright object Eta Carinae is more than a massive star on the verge of catastrophe-it is a laboratory in which we can study the last, tumultuous stages of massive star's lives.
26 Your Ticket to the Moon: The Artemis Project, Ian Randal Strock
Not a governmental play, the next mission to the Moon is being planned in the corporate sector. And the Project is right now looking for volunteers.
2 Editorial, James C. White II
It's in Us All
4 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
Peering into the Milky Way's heart
6 Education Newswire, Leo P. Connolly
Astronomy information for educators.
5 Accidental Astrophysics, James C. White II
The nature of the magnitude scale (again)
7 Research Review, Ronald Drimmel
Living in a warped galaxy
C1 SkyChart and SkyTalk, Robert A. Garfinkle
31 Last Page, Erik Stengler
End of the Royal Greenwich Observatory



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