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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 28 No. 3
May/June 1999

Page Article
10 A Fresh Look at Galaxy Clusters, Christopher J. Conselice
In a Universe of units, galaxies are big elements that organize themselves into larger elements called clusters. And now it appears that observing clusters can give us clues to the lives of their galaxy occupants.
16 Cepheus 1: A Large Galaxy Discovered in our Cosmic Backyard, Butler Burton, Robert Braun, Rene Walterbos, and Charles Hoopes
Lurking relatively nearby, and unknown to us until now, is a big, dim galaxy. What its visible light failed to tell us, its radio emissions now tell us in volumes.
18 An Astronomy Outreach Program for Navajo and Hopi Schools, Deidre A. Hunter, Amanda S. Bosh, John A. Stansberry, and Sally D. Hunsberger
A fascinating science, astronomy is also a means to reach across cultural borders.
24 Lurking Between the Galaxies, Biman B. Nath
It was once believed that most matter is locked in stars, which join together in galaxies. Not only do we now have to contend with a Universe of mostly dark matter, we observe that most ordinary matter is located between the galaxies.
30 The End of Orion, Arthur Upgren
Our lives are brief compared to those of the stars and also to those of familiar celestial patterns. What of the starry figures and creatures in our skies? How will they fare the passage of time?
2 Editorial, James C. White II
The Essence of Things Unseen
4 Letters to the Editor
5 Society News
The 1999 ASP award winners
6 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
Calendar Reform
7 Education Newswire, Sten Odenwald
NASA creates a New Education Ecosystem
8 Accidental Astrophysics, Eric M. Schlegel
(Even More on the) Constancy of Change
9 Astronomer's Notebook, Christopher J. Conselice
Getting Goofy over Pluto
C1 SkyChart and SkyTalk, Robert A. Garfinkle
33 World Beat, Tae Seog Yoon, Wonyong Han, and Myung Gyoon Lee
Astronomy in Bloom
35 Last Page, Donna B. Smith
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