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Mercury Magazine Contents
Vol. 28 No. 4
July/August 1999

Page Article
11 Refurbishing a Dream, Brenda Culbertson
Telescopes are more than assemblies of metal and glass, they are portals to other places and other things. And as such, they are objects to be cherished and preserved.
16 Reflections on the "Year of the Oceans," Ryder W. Miller
Choosing to study the ocean or outer space is not correct, for research on either has direct impact on the other.
21 Casting for a Horoscope, Anthony Misch
Amid twirling planets and scribbled ciphers, Johannes Kepler contemplated the Universe - and considered its effect on us. Four hundred years later, a remarkable discovery shows the extent of his effect on us.
26 A Thousand Blazing Suns: The Inner Life of Globular Clusters, Brian W. Murphy
In the cramped volume of a globular cluster, astrophysical experiments are underway - cluster dynamics, interactions among stars, pulsar recycling - and astronomers are discovering what we thought might be true is indeed satisfyingly correct.
2 Editorial, James C. White II
"No, that is not Venus"
4 Echoes of the Past, Katherine Bracher
Unsolved problems in astrophysics
5 Education Newswire, Leo P. Connolly
Resources and news for astronomy educators
6 Accidental Astrophysics, Eric M. Schlegel
On the Detection and Study of Variability
7 Astronomer's Notebook, Christopher J. Conselice
Cosmic Fireworks
8 Commentary, Kevin Marvel
Making our voices heard
C1 SkyChart and SkyTalk, Richard Talcott
31 Last Page, Michael Chabin
Education, Outreach, and the Web



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