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Your Investment in the ASP is Making a Difference…

Universe in the Classroom. Thanks to the support of individuals who believe in the ASP’s mission, our on-line teacher’s newsletter was revitalized in 2006, allowing us to continue publishing this valuable resource for in-service teachers around the world. The newsletter received thousands of hits in the months leading up to the Mercury transit, which was featured in the fall issue. The winter issue, written by a member of the Hubble team, discussed the Pluto debate and included a newly developed classroom activity. Universe in the Classroom can be viewed online at

Project ASTRO. With fourteen sites across the country, over 600 amateur and professional astronomers partnered with local teachers to serve over 20,000 students in Project ASTRO with over 175,000 students served during the course of the program.

Family ASTRO. At locations across the country, over 10,000 families benefited by attending a Family ASTRO event. The Gemini Observatory partnered with the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i for two highly successful Family ASTRO evenings and the state Department of Education office indicated, "We in the Department of Education always struggle with ideas of how to increase meaningful parent involvement in school functions and academics. This school/community event was an example of how to do it right."

Astronomy from the Ground Up (AFGU). A national program to provide informal science educators at smaller nature centers, science centers, and museums with training, materials, and support so they can better communicate the excitement of modern astronomy to their visitors. In the last year, educators from around the country participated in AFGU workshops in Tucson and Boston and through on-line distance learning. Close to 100 educators currently participate in our on-line community.

The Night Sky Network. A partnership program of over 240 amateur astronomy clubs from every state with more than 5,400 events reaching over 450,000 people in face-to-face education and public outreach activities over the past three years.

PASP. Volume 118 published 159 papers, four invited reviews, two regular reviews, eighty-seven research articles, fifty-nine papers on instrumentation, data analysis or atmospheric phenomena, five dissertation abstracts, one conference highlight and one editorial. This volume set a record by printing 1,770 pages.

Conference Series. Since 1988, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has published the renowned Conference Series as part of its century-old mission to advance the science of astronomy. Since that time we have published more than 375 volumes touching upon all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics.

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