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Sharing the Universe Videos: Tips for Stellar Presentations

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Many amateur astronomers love sharing the universe with the public. Whether you're just getting started or are an old pro, there are many ways to make your time with the public more enjoyable. We've addressed some common questions amateurs have about doing outreach. Do any of these sound familiar?

Then you are in the right place! Below you will find videos addressing each of these concerns. Accompanying each video are resources so you can practice new skills, find out more information, and gain new knowledge to take out the difficulties and keep in all the fun of doing outreach.

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Getting Started with Outreach

Getting Started with Outreach

Are you interested in astronomy outreach but you don't know how to get started? This video shows why outreach is so much fun and gives tips on how to get started.

How to Say I Don't Know

How to Say "I Don't Know"

What do you do if someone asks you a question you can't answer? This video provides you with the tools and techniques to skillfully deal with almost any question you may encounter during outreach.

Connecting with Kids

Connecting with Kids

Sometimes talking to a group of kids can seem like a challenge. This video provides tips on how to work with children and keep them engaged in your presentation.

Handling Difficult Questions (and difficult people)

Handling Difficult Questions (and Difficult People)

We've all had them! The alien abductee, the conspiracy theorist, the rambling story teller. This video provides techniques to help you gracefully navigate past difficult questions that may draw your audience's attention away from your presentation.

How to get WOW! (When not showing Saturn)

How to get "WOW!" (When not showing Saturn)

Love the "WOW!" you get when showing Saturn but can't get the same enthusiasm from your visitors about the faint fuzzys? This video provides resources to keep your audience amazed and coming back for more no matter what you have in the eyepiece.

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How to use these Videos:

How you use these videos is completely up to you! You can:

Each video's page offers additional tips, exercises for practicing the skills, and ideas for astronomy activities you can do.

Outline: This single-page resource summarizes the main points from each of the five videos. Laminate it and include it with your star party supplies for a quick refresher!

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