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ASP2018 Plenary Speaker

Alicia Santiago
Alicia Santiago
Bilingual Research Scientist
Diversity Consultant

Alicia Santiago

Alicia Santiago is a bilingual research scientist and a Diversity Consultant. Alicia has a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology – specializing in neurodevelopment from the University of California, Davis. Her studies include research into the mechanisms involved in neuronal guidance in the peripheral and visual nervous systems.

Since 2007, Dr. Santiago has been involved in the development and implementation of innovative direct and mass-media science and health education national-level programs for the Latino community. Her expertise also includes professional development on cultural competence to assist science educators in cross-cultural understanding and teaching effectiveness, and translation of scientific and technical language and concepts for professional and lay audiences, including Spanish-speaking Latino-audiences.

Dr. Santiago is a Co-Principal Investigator for SciGirls CONNECT2, Latina SciGirls, and SciGirls CONNECT, three Federally-funded media and community-based outreach projects designed to inspire and encourage STEM learning and participation for all girls and develop their interest in STEM careers. She is also a Co-Principal Investigator for BRAINedu/CEREBROedu: A Window into the brain/Una ventana al cerebro, a project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that provides Hispanic students and families with bilingual resources about brain structure and function, neuroscience careers, and mental health. Alicia was also a Co-Principal Investigator on SciGirls en Español and SciGirls en la Familia.

Alicia lives in the Washington Metro Area and enjoys traveling and beekeeping!