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ASP 2014 Meeting

ASP’s 2014 Annual Meeting — our 126th — was a great success! On Sunday, August 3, more than 400 people attended our public lecture — and had the opportunity to hear Chris McKay, Jill Tarter, Geoff Marcy and Andrew Fraknoi discuss some of the most exciting questions in our exploration of the universe. What kinds of planets orbit other stars? Is there an Earth 2.0 out there, just like us? Could life exist in strange environments, quite different from our planet? If so, how could we find them — or even have a conversation with them? The speakers were excellent, offering new insights that kept everyone spellbound for more than four hours.

Following the public event, 150+ astronomers, educators, and amateurs participated in diverse professional development workshops, plenary sessions, and networking over three days. Feedback has been excellent. Attendees felt the quality of the sessions was outstanding and the sessions extremely beneficial. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from and meet our new Executive Director, Dr. Linda Shore, who identified four key goals for the ASP: increase readership of our professional publications, expand programs to provide more and new opportunities for working with teachers, grow our work with the amateur community to expand our outreach, and increase membership. Everyone was impressed with Linda’s ideas and energy, and looks forward to hearing more over the next year as plans are put into place.

The ASP extends its thanks to all attendees who carved out precious time from their schedules and even more precious funds from their budgets in order to join us in Burlingame. Thanks also to our Annual Meeting volunteers who helped keep things on the ground running smoothly. Rounding out the whole Annual Meeting was the support and participation of our very generous sponsors and exhibitors. We simply could not succeed with you!

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