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ASP 2015 Meeting

The 127th Annual Meeting of the ASP was held October 10, 2015, at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California. The event included the ASP’s Universe 2015 public astronomy festival and the 2015 ASP Awards Gala.

Universe 2015 featured four keynote public lectures from leading astronomers: David Morrison (NASA Ames Research Center), Natalie Batalha (NASA Ames Research Center), Mark Showalter (SETI Institute), and Gibor Basri (University of California, Berkeley), with moderator Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College).

With Universe 2015, the ASP’s Annual Meeting was held for the first time at a public science center/museum. This afforded a wonderful opportunity for members of the public to take in numerous activities during the day, from Chabot’s planetarium shows and interactive exhibits to rooms with facilitated projects for children and adults alike.

In addition to the keynote astronomy talks, the ASP partnered with Chabot to organize four other strands of activities for the public. Programs addressed families with children ages 3–8, families with children ages 7–14, outdoor activities and informal chats, and talks for astronomy enthusiasts. Presenters and facilitators included staff from the ASP and Chabot, as well as professional scientists (including Dana Backman, SETI Institute and NASA SOFIA mission), amateur astronomers from several regional astronomy clubs, local science teachers, and ASP leadership, including Past President Gordon Myers and Past Executive Director Mike Bennett. It was an amazing program enjoyed by attendees of every description.