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Past Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Recipients

Seeks to honor outstanding educational outreach by an amateur astronomer to K-12 children and the interested lay public.

2017: Paul WinalskiNew Hampshire Astronomical Society, Merrimack, New Hampshire

2016: Gena Crook, Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS), Huntsville, Alabama

No awardee in 2015

2014: Dan Kaminsky, Hagerstown, Maryland

2013: Chuck Bueter, South Bend, Indiana

2012: Chuck McPartlin, Santa Barbara, California

2011:  Lonnie Puterbaugh, Brentwood, Tennesee

2010: Wayne “Skip” Bird, Westminster Astronomical Society, Maryland

2009: Carol Lee Lutsinger, Brownsville, Texas

2008: Gary Fujihara, University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy

2007: Richard J. Smith, Sparks, Nevada

2006: Asghar Kabiri, Sa’adat-shahr, Iran

2005: Mary Lou Whitehorne, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2004: Big Bang Band Traveling Star Show (Terry Dye, Matt Gardner, Angelo Parisi, Northern California

2003: Mario Motta, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

2002: Dean Ketelsen, Tucson, Arizona

2001: Joseph R. Caruso, Harvard, Massachusetts